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Food Truck Efficiency: The Shortening Shuttle® - Streamlining Oil Management on the Move!

Food Trucks

Revolutionize Your Rolling Kitchen: Food Trucks and The Shortening Shuttle®!

The Shortening Shuttle is a game-changer for food trucks, prioritizing enhanced employee safety and productivity in these compact kitchen spaces. Its ergonomic design, featuring a user-friendly hand pump and secure lid, minimizes the risk of spills and accidents, ensuring that food truck staff can work efficiently and safely.

Sustainability is a core value of the Shortening Shuttle®, as it simplifies the recycling of used cooking oil. This not only reduces environmental impact but also lowers disposal costs for food trucks. Additionally, being proudly made in the USA, it embodies a commitment to uncompromising quality and reliability. Crafted with premium materials and subjected to stringent quality control, it ensures durability and peak performance in the demanding environment of food trucks.

For food trucks with limited space, the SS-645 model's space-saving design is a perfect fit. Its compact footprint and efficient hand pump mechanism allow it to seamlessly integrate into tight kitchen layouts, maximizing workspace without compromising performance. By investing in the Shortening Shuttle®, food truck owners can elevate their mobile kitchen equipment to new levels of safety, productivity, and sustainability – a choice that countless satisfied customers have made, benefiting from the difference of a quality American-made product.


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Spring 2024

We LOVE the Shortening Shuttle®!  It has been great for our needs.   I’ll order another one !

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Danielle from Pat’s Cider Donuts

Recommended Shortening Shuttle® for Your Food Truck

The Shortening Shuttle® for food trucks delivers unmatched efficiency in cooking oil management, tailored to the unique needs of mobile kitchens. Enhance your food truck's performance while reducing waste with our innovative solutions designed for safety and convenience on the move.