Kitchen Type

Selection Guide

Our selection guide for The Shortening Shuttle® simplifies the process of choosing the ideal model for your food service establishment, catering to the unique needs of restaurants, convenience stores, food trucks, and institutional kitchens.

In restaurants, where precision and efficiency are essential, our guide assists in identifying the appropriate capacity and features to match the kitchen's volume and workflow. This optimization ensures efficient oil management, reduces safety risks, and streamlines kitchen processes with a product proudly made in the USA.

For convenience stores, where space can be a challenge, our guide highlights compact, space-saving solutions designed to seamlessly integrate into confined kitchen layouts while ensuring efficient cooking oil management, all backed by American craftsmanship.

In institutional kitchens, where large-scale food production is a daily requirement, our guide is invaluable. It assists in selecting models that meet the demands of high-volume workflows, optimizing oil management, reducing safety risks, and streamlining processes with a product proudly made in the USA.

For the mobility and durability demands of food trucks, our guide offers expert advice on selecting Shortening Shuttle models that can withstand these rigors while enhancing safety and efficiency, representing a commitment to quality, proudly made in the USA.

With our selection guide, you can make an informed decision, ensuring that you harness the full benefits of The Shortening Shuttle® in your specific food service environment while supporting American manufacturing and enhancing safety and efficiency.

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