The Shortening Shuttle®

Waste Oil Solution: Helping dispose of grease with ease!

The Shortening Shuttle®

The Shortening Shuttle® is a culinary essential designed to simplify and streamline kitchen operations. With its ergonomic design and precision engineering, it effortlessly transports and dispenses cooking shortening, making every kitchen task a breeze

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The Shortening Shuttle® is a game-changer in professional kitchens and bakeries. This ingenious culinary tool simplifies the process of handling cooking shortening, offering precision and efficiency like never before.


Spring 2024

We LOVE the Shortening Shuttle®!  It has been great for our needs.   I’ll order another one!

Testimonial 1

Danielle from Pat’s Cider Donuts

Spring 2024

I have used Shortening Shuttles® for over ten years and know how wonderful these units are!   I am so happy we invested in Shortening Shuttle®.   I hope to continue to be customer 10 years from now.

Review written for product: SS-914-W
Testimonial 1

Convenience Store Manager – Twin Buttes, ND

Comes in very handy when transporting grease safely. Easy to maneuver and lift grease into the dumpster with ease. They also sell wheel replacement kits because that's the only part that wears out.

Testimonial 1

Nicole C.

We just bought this restaurant and were shocked to learn that they used metal pails to take their used shortening out to the oil recycle bin, and injury just waiting to happen. We decided even before we signed the papers that the first thing we were going to buy was The Shortening Shuttle®. The employees were overjoyed with just that purchase that they knew we cared for their safety. Great product.

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The Shortening Shuttle® for your needs

The Shortening Shuttle® offers a versatile, safety-focused solution for efficient oil management, making it the ideal choice to optimize operations and reduce waste in restaurants, convenience stores, and food trucks alike.


Utilize The Shortening Shuttle® in your restaurant to streamline oil management, enhance kitchen safety, and optimize operational efficiency.

Convenience Stores

Elevate convenience store operations with The Shortening Shuttle®, simplifying oil management, reducing waste, and prioritizing safety.

Food Trucks

Choose The Shortening Shuttle® for food trucks to revolutionize on-the-go oil management, ensuring safety, and efficiency in your mobile kitchen.

Institutional Kichens

In institutional kitchens, The Shortening Shuttle® is the ultimate solution for streamlined and safe large-scale cooking oil management.