Model SS-645
Model SS-645
Model SS-645
Model SS-645
Model SS-645

Model SS-645

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Simplicity Series Mini Pump

Introducing the SS-645 Mini Pump Shortening Shuttle®: WOW. Everyone LOVES our "Mini." Its small footprint (only 13.8"!) and big capacity (5.5 gallons!) are sure to make it among the smaller operations, quick serve, and convenience store users' FAVORITE. 

Made of welded aluminum measuring 13.8" x 37 " x 18.7" this dynamo makes waste oil/ grease transport FAST, SAFE, and easy!  Pump OUT of the countertop fryer and into the MINI. Wheel away. Pump into the dumpster and you are DONE!  As easy as that. Comes with a 380-micron strainer basket for those wishing to pour their oil directly into the MINI. The strainer is completely DISHWASHESR SAFE.  

Sizing Chart:

Economy Series

Model Minimum Distance
floor-to-fryer drain
Dumpster Height
Pounds Gallons
SS-611 11.5" 40.5" 70 9.2
SS-611-T 11.5" 49.4" 80 10.5
SS-611-TL 10" 49.4" 60 8
SS-709 8.5" 40.5" 70
SS-709-T 8.5" 49.4" 80

Simplicity Series

SS-914-W 11" (or pump out) 60" 95 12.5
SS-645 NA 60" 41 5.4


Download PDF Spec Sheets::

 SS-645 Spec Sheet

made in the usa

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