Model SS-709 T
Model SS-709 T
Model SS-709 T
Model SS-709 T

Model SS-709 T

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The Economy Series Shortening Shuttle® Waste Oil Carrier is specifically designed for safety, ease of use, and low cost. The polycarbonate handles at both ends greatly reduce heat transfer, the removable baffle screen helps to ensure safety and the thick (0.10) aluminum double-walled construction makes the Economy Series Shortening Shuttle® very durable for years of use when properly cared for.

Five different models allow the Economy Series Shortening Shuttle® to be used with virtually all fryers and in all locations.  (We also have two manual pump models.  Please see Simplicity Series if interested.)

All Shortening Shuttles® come with a 1 Year manufacturer's defect warranty        

Please be careful in determining the size of your Shortening Shuttle.  

  1. Measure the distance from the bottom of your Fryer drain outlet to the floor
  2. Measure the distance from the ground to the lip of your waste container
  3. Measure the distance the opening is set in from the side of the container.  If it is more than 3.5" you may need a dumpster extension.


Sizing Chart: 

Economy Series

Model Minimum Distance
floor-to-fryer drain
Dumpster Height
Pounds Gallons
SS-611 11.5" 40.5" 70 9.2
SS-611-T 11.5" 49.4" 80 10.5
SS-611-TL 10" 49.4" 60 8
SS-709 8.5" 40.5" 70
SS-709-T 8.5" 49.4" 80

Simplicity Series

SS-914-W 11" (or pump out) 60" 95 12.5
SS-645 NA 60" 41 5.4


Following this chart will assure you of the proper size of Shortening Shuttle® for your kitchen.


Add a Stair Plate for extra durability.  Must be ordered with MODEL.  Cannot be added later.  Protects your Shortening Shuttle® from damage resulting from moving up and down stairs.  Please note, that because Stair Plates are custom items, they may not be returned except for warranty issues.

Download PDF Spec Sheets:

SS-709-T Spec Sheet

Drop-in Shuttle Filter Spec Sheet

Basket Filter Spec Sheet

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